Quick & Easy Linkedin Prospecting

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Linkedin has 260 million active monthly users. Master the best ways to engage your ideal customers WITHOUT blowing the bank.

There's SO MUCH advice out there about best practices. Are you getting the results that they promise? This training course is built specifically for founders and business owners. It focuses on your tone of voice.

I've been in sales using Linkedin since 2009 and I am a super user of Linkedin Navigator. I've pulled together my tips and tricks for getting the most out of LinkedIn so you can maximise your time and outcomes.


There's no fluff. This is 100% practical spoon-fed direction on exactly what you need to do to secure enterprise B2B opportunities using Linkedin.

You will have a quick and easy formula for booking sales meetings with your ideal prospects

You will cut down HOURS of research, SAVE a ton of time and money too

You will increase your sales confidence


Hannah is the real deal! She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales, sales cycles, cadences, and journeys. From setting up structures to training sales teams, I learnt so much valuable information from my calls with her. Hannah gave me industry-specific advice on how to jump start and scale the B2B sales process for my SaaS start-up, especially in regards to enterprise accounts. She’s all about execution and teaches action steps that get results.

Karishma Veljee, Co-Founder DigitalHire

What's included?

Everything you need to know about how to reach out to your prospects, what to say, how long to wait and how to run those initial calls and meetings.

Find your ideal prospects in minutes

Proven method for reaching out and connecting

Getting prospects excited about speaking with you

Building a consistent pipeline of meetings and opportunities



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